The Voice of Your Heart
  • The Voice of Your Heart
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 “There is a lot of drivel marketed under the ‘world music’ banner, but every once in a while a CD comes along which really does blend global cultures in an exciting original way. Hottentot Party , from Byron Bay in northern NSW, mix up Brazilian, Township and Salsa grooves in an eminently danceable fashion, and obviously have a huge amount of fun in the process. There are shades of the late-lamented Three Mustaphas Three, which is praise indeed. Amongst the polyrhythmic exuberance there is some real sensitivity as well, and lots of great playing and singing. I don’t often play ten minute tracks on my show, but I couldn’t go past the title track.
Highly recommended, and my pick of the Australian releases that came my way in 1997.”

Steve Barnes – Folk West, 1998

“Parissa’s superb vocals that seem capable of finding an emotional context for every genre… When the duo sings “You have to find your own voice” you know that they have touched on a theme of crucial importance in this era of mindless conformity.”

Richard Jasiutowics – Diaspora world Beat Magazine

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